All you need is love

Sounds weird doesn’t it? … to say you love people at work. When you listen to the third minute of this video though you will see how natural and believable it can sound. How much did I want to work for Steven Gerrard after seeing this!

This interview with Steven Gerrard, Football Manager of Aston Villa, came after Philippe Coutinho scored an impressive and important equalising goal against Manchester United. It was clear that Philippe was brought on to change the shape of the match and there was a lot of pressure to score in his cameo appearance. What was also clear though was the amount of effort Gerrard intended to put in to make Coutinho feel supported and loved.

So what can we learn from this?

Well, employees basically thrive more if their performance is supported and importantly the environmental conditions are right.

I do believe leaders need to develop and essentially create the kind of compassionate, supportive environment Gerrard talks about.

As the Beatles sang:

All you need is love

Love is all you need

Iore from my newsletter.

The Beatles

Published by Michelle Harte

My name is Michelle Harte and I have worked in HR and OD for over 20 years. I have a passion for learning and growing.

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