Michelle has an infectious passion for all things HR and OD and if you spend any time with her you’ll be left in no doubt of this. She’s an energizer and someone who cares deeply about improving working life for all. Her truly authentic and humble approach is a gift that comes through in both her writing and in her personal interactions. It’s a joy and an honour to be part of her world.


Having worked with Michelle in a range of HR areas such as enhancing digital technology by HR practitioners and supporting larger events that are aimed at raising the capability and creativity of the people profession, it is clear to me that Michelle stands for a modernised , galvanised  and more responsive way to work with the people, culture, values, change and learning.

I have no doubts that Michelle brings enthusiasm some daring and experiences to everything she does. A pleasure to work with, and an appetite for change.  Michelle is a catalyst for better in HR, something she has a huge passion for.

Perry timms- founder and chief energy officer- pthr ltd

Michelle has a remarkable energy about her which she is using to great effect in influencing the way organisations manage their workforce. Her focus is on improving workplace practice to help people thrive at work and focussing the attention of employers on getting it right and doing it well. Michelle brings a passion to her practice which underlines her commitment to making the workplace a better place to be, developing the kind of culture where diversity is not just valued but seen as essential to overall success and where people can contribute and thrive in a positive culture. The wellbeing agenda is not new, Michelle is bringing a new slant – good luck and well done. It is time to listen up and make the change, we’ll be glad we did.

Sue Evans, Managing Director, Sevans Refreshing People Ltd

I am always impressed by Michelle’s drive, energy and ambition to make a difference in a world bigger than herself. As someone that has dedicated many years to the HR profession, she continues to press the boundaries of progressive HR practice and is an absolute asset to the industry and the wider world of work. The practice of HR is better for having Michelle and her leadership in it.


I have had the privilege of partnering with Michelle Harte on a number of events. She has a knack for both focusing on excellent ideas that have real impact. She cares deeply about caring for individuals and creating competitive organisations. She is a delight to work with demonstrating what she advocates.

-Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, University of Michigan

Michelle is a great friend from the UK who has a consultancy that is looking to put “the EQ back into HR” and I dig that very much !! She has a big heart and a great approach to business. Her work is needed more now than ever because emotional intelligence has finally landed with business leaders as a valued behavior. I love her voice in her blogs as well because it captures who she is and will be sure to encourage and lift you up as well.

Steve Browne – Author and Chief People Officer at LaRosa’s Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle for about 18 months to develop the human resources management approach to the Thrive at Work programme. I found her extremely knowledgeable and well connected within the region . She has a real passion for driving improved wellbeing in the workplace agenda . Without her support in this space, I don’t think we would be in the strong position we are in now.

-Superintendent Sean Russell, Director of Implementation for Mental Health, Wellbeing and Radical Prevention, WMCA

Michelle was not just my manager but my coach and a true role model of an awesome leader. I absolutely admire Michelle’s passion, creativity and her strategic thinking. A real inspiration and ‘go to’ person


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My name is Michelle Harte and I have worked in HR and OD for over 20 years. I have a passion for learning and growing.