Who you are (it’s okay not to be okay)

So today is a bit of an experiment. I usually write when I am in a buoyant mood but today I have felt a bit low and thought in the spirit of authenticity, why not write? The ‘mood’ comes after an amazing weekend that was just so peaceful and relaxing where I had really jumped off the hamster wheel and taken the opportunity to just be.

As you can see idyllic right? Today though it was back to earth again and all the expectations -often self created- came flooding back about what I should be doing right now. I’ve managed to catch the mood as it is happening and not be too swayed by it. It is on days like this though that it is even more important for me to align to my purpose. It is also in these ‘low’ moments that doubts can creep in and the need to re-centre on my ‘why’ is essential . It was during this reflection the song by Jessie J popped into my head and these lines:

Don’t lose who you are

In the blur of the stars

Seeing is deceiving

Dreaming is believing

it’s okay not to be okay

Sometimes it’s hard

To follow your heart

Tears don’t mean you’re losing

Everybody’s bruising

Just be true to who you are

Jessie J – Who you are

I know I will wake up tomorrow and think ‘what was that all about?’ – I always do. I did not however want to brush the feeling off as this is part of me as much as the buoyant side of me is. We all have different moods throughout the day – and some of us are less adept at hiding them- this is why it is so important to be able to be yourself in your working environment and I wanted to share my ‘work’ me today.

Thanks for reading – I am working on a Compassionate Leadership Series that goes further into this space and if you are interested in finding more about being authentic and this work take a look here.

Above all though take care and be ‘who you are’.


Published by Michelle Harte

My name is Michelle Harte and I have worked in HR and OD for over 20 years. I have a passion for learning and growing.

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