Thank you for visiting. I am really passionate about what I do, which is centred around ensuring organisations I work with focus on being healthy, happy and exciting above all else. Through interviews, blogs and book reviews as well as bespoke projects, I aim to highlight great practice from people who I have connected with. It is a really inspiring space to belong in – that I hope other people will connect to – as there are such great influencers gathering pace at the moment committed to bringing human connection back to the workplace.

Michelle Harte, Founder


I love to write my own blogs and introduce other writers to share both their and my experiences that are aligned to my aims so that we all learn together.

My blogs can be found here: Blogs


Register here : https://bit.ly/OurWorthyRally

Join us : Saturday 24th April 2021

10am-12pm CST (4pm-6pm BST)


I host a series of interviews with well known influencers who come at a wide range of issues from a multitude of perspectives . My interviews can be found here: interviews . If you’d like to take part please contact me below:

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