‘I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo’ versus ‘listen to the song here in my heart’

Today’s blog is unapologetically a bit of a Radiohead/Beyonce mash up. It came to me a while back following attending a memorial service for a very dear friend of mine – (Gordon) who had sadly passed. I could not complete it until now a few months on- I was too upset. During Gordon’s memorial service,Continue reading “‘I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo’ versus ‘listen to the song here in my heart’”

Who you are (it’s okay not to be okay)

So today is a bit of an experiment. I usually write when I am in a buoyant mood but today I have felt a bit low and thought in the spirit of authenticity, why not write? The ‘mood’ comes after an amazing weekend that was just so peaceful and relaxing where I had really jumpedContinue reading “Who you are (it’s okay not to be okay)”

It’s Coming Home (and not just football)

In the closing stages of the Semi Final match of Euro 2020 against Denmark, England made a whopping 53 passes to each other unlocking their ‘inner Brazil’. I appreciate not everyone is a football fan like me (so I thought post a link to ‘Pass Masters’ Euro 2020: England’s excellent game management as they closeContinue reading “It’s Coming Home (and not just football)”

Shallow (Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga )

As I continue on a self- discovery mission, I have taken a moment to think about how much braver I have been recently in terms of reaching out to discover new networks in the human space; speaking out about things that trouble me and also the recent work I have committed to- particularly the lastContinue reading “Shallow (Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga )”

Shine bright like a diamond (We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky)

My exploration of humanity continues and I was just sitting looking at my engagement ring this morning (which I rarely wear as I tend to just wear my wedding ring). I have owned it for nearly 10 years and I was watching the light shimmer off the diamonds within it.  I never tire of itContinue reading “Shine bright like a diamond (We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky)”

Chevalier de Saint – Georges

By Martin Trotman Hey everyone, I would like to share something with you today. I have an extensive music education background having studied piano and composition at the Birmingham Conservatoire which is essentially a classical institution. Later I went on to lecture and teach at a number of music institutions including South Birmingham College andContinue reading “Chevalier de Saint – Georges”