My 5 Aims

(definitions of EQ and EI are below)

  1. I want to help people sustain or improve their mental and physical health at work, to present a case for employers to give this more attention, focus and support.
  2. I want to show managers that honing their EQ and EI skills and demonstrating compassionate leadership behaviour can reduce absenteeism and discourage toxic behaviours like presenteeism and overwork.
  3. I want to show leaders and managers how they can create a trusting place where people feel they belong; can show emotions and are supported, and build a positive culture.
  4. I want to prove one size does not fit all- diverse teams are the best teams. Shoe-horning people to be the same stifles creativity, discourages engagement and is bad for business.
  5. I want to replace assumptions that people are not to be trusted, encouraging more accountable, open, adult behaviours that build belief in each other.

emotional quotient (EQ)
‘The level of a person’s emotional intelligence, often as represented by a score in a standardised test. ‘

(Oxford Living Dictionary)

emotional intelligence (EI)
‘ [includes] at least three skills: emotional awareness…; the ability to harness those emotions and apply them …; and the ability to manage emotions, …regulating one’s own emotions when necessary and cheering up or calming down other people. ‘

(Psychology Today)

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