Terms of Business (January 2022)

1.           GENERAL

1.1         Our Service Agreement with you

HREsQue will deliver the agreed services in line with the terms and conditions set out in this document and as specifically detailed in our business proposal with you.

1.2         Changes to the Service Agreement

If it is necessary to vary the service either before or during delivery of the service, this must be mutually agreed in writing prior to the variation being implemented; and any additional or amended fees must be accepted by the customer in writing.

1.3         How you pay

Unless stated otherwise, the customer will be asked to agree a service and provide a Purchase Order to secure their booking.   HREsQue will not provide any services to a customer without receipt of a Purchase Order from the customer unless payment is received by other methods (e.g. paypal) or in exceptional circumstances.

1.4         Customer Satisfaction

HREsQue is committed to delivering services to a high standard. If however a customer is dissatisfied with any aspect of the service, they should contact Michelle Harte, Founder via email at  m.harte@hresque.co.uk so the issue can be resolved. At all other times HREsQue will seek feedback on how a service has been received for quality assurance purposes.

1.5         Invoicing and Payment

HREsQue will invoice the customer in accordance with the agreed payment terms which generally will be; upon delivery of the service, or at regular intervals where the service extends over a period of multiple months, or at the commencement of a subscription period.  Payment should be made by the customer within 30 days.

1.6         Other Payment Methods

HREsQue may from time receive payments via Paypal or credit or debit card. In such circumstances payment will be immediate.

1.7         VAT

VAT is not applicable at this current time. 

1.8         Data Protection

HREsQue complies with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016. It is an expectation that our customers also comply with these regulations in any transaction with HREsQue.


2.1         Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

HREsQue is covered by a minimum of £2M Professional Indemnity Insurance.

2.2         Materials and Copyright

All materials, unless otherwise specifically agreed with the customer, will be supplied by HREsQue. The customer must not reproduce any of the materials without obtaining permission in writing.

3.           CUSTOMER BOOKINGS  

3.1         Joining Instructions

Joining Instructions will be issued prior to any event. 


  • A customer may cancel a booking at an event more than 4 weeks prior to the event start date without incurring a cancellation charge. 
  • Cancellation of a booking for an event within 4 weeks or less of the event start date will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the booking value.


  • A customer may request to reschedule a booking for an event more than 4 weeks prior to the proposed event start date without incurring a cancellation charge if an alternative date is possible. 

3.2         Subscriptions or Memberships   

Customers will be billed monthly for subscriptions or memberships unless stated otherwise.


  • A customer may cancel a subscription of a membership at any time. The customer will be billed for the month in which the cancellation falls and have access to the membership/subscription services until the end of that month.

3.3         Consultancy    

Customers will be charged a daily rate or half day rate for services received. From time to time and with agreement of the customer, HREsQue may use associates to deliver services who will act in accordance with the above terms.

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