True Colours (are beautiful like a rainbow)

The ‘What am I?’ series is all about being the ‘authentic you’ because I don’t know about you but I LIKE ME and I don’t want to be anyone else. I admit I can be like marmite, however what I have found is that I am mainly marmite when I am trying to be somethingContinue reading “True Colours (are beautiful like a rainbow)”

You give ‘love’ a bad name

It has been a busy and soul searching few weeks. I came across an organisation recently who used the acronym ‘love’ to mean living our values everyday. I also this week, heard Bon jovi’s anthem (cited above) again; discovered clear is kind, unclear is unkind (thank you Brené Brown), read a bit of Minda Harts’Continue reading “You give ‘love’ a bad name”

I’m Still Standing (better than I ever did)

Have you ever thought if you could go back to your younger self what would you tell yourself? It’s the 1980’s I can’t remember which year, (1984 maybe) I’d be about 7, I discovered Elton John.  If you’re old enough you’ll remember the televised Montreux pop festival (youtube it for a laugh), it was probablyContinue reading “I’m Still Standing (better than I ever did)”