So what qualifies me to talk about this. You’d expect me to demonstrate some credentials right? Well I have worked in HR and OD for about 20 years or so including operating as a consultant and at Head of HR level. I am also FCIPD qualified and I have a public sector MBA from the University of Birmingham.

My main qualification though is experiential. I have experienced some pretty tough moments on a personal level which has meant I have needed to learn to manage my wellbeing better. With stress and anxiety on the rise and costing businesses dearly, I recognise the importance of creating a supportive culture. This is so important as we increasingly move more into a digital age which whilst exciting, can create its own challenges.

Over the years, I have developed a great network of colleagues who have helped me through the years with lots of kindness, experience and knowledge who are willing to share their advice as well as a few nuggets of my own. I am also keen to meet new people in the compassionate leadership space who can bring something to the table. I am always learning!

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