Shine bright like a diamond (We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky)

My exploration of humanity continues and I was just sitting looking at my engagement ring this morning (which I rarely wear as I tend to just wear my wedding ring). I have owned it for nearly 10 years and I was watching the light shimmer off the diamonds within it.  I never tire of it and it made me think about how we are all like diamonds in that we are multi-faceted, we shine and we draw others in and attract attention when we show our inner beauty.

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As humans, we all have choices and we can go through some really dark times and I am no exception to that,  but then I think there are also so many wonderful things, people and experiences I have shared moments with… and we can all continue to have those in this lifetime if we allow ourselves.  I think of the lines in Rihanna’s beautiful song (which incidentally played when I took a trip over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter ride for my honeymoon):

‘Shine bright like a diamond, Find light in the beautiful sea
I choose to be happy’

Rihanna ‘Diamonds’

Then I think about the wonderful connections that I have made not only in my personal and spiritual life but also more recently my work-life especially through the HumansFirst network, and other connections linked to that and beyond.  Also I read the posts that my network write and I really feel the human-centredness and the energy and positivity it brings. I am definitely in the right crowd… A bit more Rihanna.

‘At first sight I felt the energy of sun rays
I saw the life inside your eyes’

Rihanna ‘Diamonds’

So my call to action today is ‘shine bright like a diamond’ – don’t let anyone fade your light and find connections that bring out the best of your inner beauty.  Don’t hide it – it is more important than you know.

Published by Michelle Harte

My name is Michelle Harte and I have worked in HR and OD for over 20 years. I have a passion for learning and growing.

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