You give ‘love’ a bad name

It has been a busy and soul searching few weeks. I came across an organisation recently who used the acronym ‘love’ to mean living our values everyday. I also this week, heard Bon jovi’s anthem (cited above) again; discovered clear is kind, unclear is unkind (thank you Brené Brown), read a bit of Minda Harts’ ‘The memo’ . At the end of all that, I have realised there is a lot to this leadership stuff. I am quite exhausted!

I think it is easy to make excuses but in the midst of all the modern day pressure, the world has changed…it is not so much about whether you are intentionally putting a foot wrong with people who work with you as it would have been in the past; my thoughts are that leadership has evolved into a complex road to navigate for all the right reasons as people with different circumstances who have previously been much more marginalised begin to find (and use powerfully) their voice. This goes across all genders including transgender, race, sex and many more.

Act IV- The Community Series- How are you?

It strikes me that there is absolutely no possibility of future success for a leader who doesn’t seek to truly engage everyone in their team on a personal level and tries to educate themselves through appreciating that sometimes people by their experiences may not want to fully engage with them. We owe it to our colleagues to also be clear with our intentions as well as understanding more about how we can educate ourselves in what the world is like for others- ignorance is definitely not an excuse.

I think I have been giving ‘LOVE’ a bad name, by not understanding the experiences of others through taking time to understand and read a bit more rather than being reliant on others to tell me what’s on their mind – it is time to confess… have you?

I also appreciate better that people can take time to warm to you (if at all) and may need to build trust with you (if ever). I’ll be genuinely honest it has been a little one way traffic with me up until now. I know I have to build trust with others but I never have really looked at it that much the other way. I’ve absolutely no idea why and I am grateful for the writers above and their insight.

As a self confessed novice with a curious brain (some would say over curious) , I am fascinated by people and their experiences and recently I have been reading books that deliberately stretch my levels of understanding to new heights. I can only advocate this as it has been a real experience.

Over the next few weeks I will share more of my experiences but it is rare that I take the opportunity to be quite so humbled and say thank you for the tremendous writers who have braved it to make us all better people. I’ll conclude the how are you series with an interview with Steve Browne (another fabulous people person) but in the meantime, hope you stay with me and if not already done so read some hard but necessary business books that will change the world I am sure one page at a time.



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My name is Michelle Harte and I have worked in HR and OD for over 20 years. I have a passion for learning and growing.

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